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The goal of the Deaf Action TA project is to provide first of its kind TA support to Deaf DVSV service providers (and emerging programs).  So many opportunities exist for access to information in spoken English, this is our time to access it in American Sign Language.  This was a key finding in our needs assessment process - we need more opportunities to connect with each other and share information in ASL for our work to be effective.  For this reason, all webinars and online networking meetings will be conducted on video platforms, in American Sign Language.  We will have direct communication without ASL interpreters!  Please indicate in your registration requests for any other accommodation. 

Trauma & Parenting October 17, 2019
Recording      (no powerpoint for this session)
Hand in Hand Parenting
Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges

Deaf Access Liaison, Vera Institute of Justice September 19, 2019
Recording      (no powerpoint for this session)

Financial Controls for Small Orgs  August 15, 2019
Recording     &     Powerpoint
Additional Notes from Webinar
DOJ Financial Controls Recommendations
DOJ Financial Guide

Lessons of SADI (Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative  July 18, 2019
Recording   No powerpoint for this session
Lessons in Brief
SADI Website

Teen Dating Violence Curriculum 2.0  June 20, 2019
Recording     &     Powerpoint
Curriculum Outline
Session 4 Worksheet
Post-Assessment Jeopardy

Resources shared during the networking session (from hearing programs):
Love Is Respect Website
RAINN using technology to cause harm
Onlinesense.org online safety for kids ages 10-14, 14-18, parents, schools, etc.
20 Early Signs to Recognize Online Predators
Willow Domestic Violence Center Generation Zero Project

Supporting Refugee Survivors May 16, 2019
Recording     &     Powerpoint

Writing Compelling Grant Narratives April 18, 2019
Recording     &     Powerpoint

History of DV/SA Movement March 21, 2019
Recording     &     Powerpoint

Working with DeafBlind Survivors, September 17, 2018
Recording      (no powerpoint for this session)
     Pro-Tactile: The DeafBlind Way
     Pro-Tactile Principles

Multifaceted Advocacy Work, August 20, 2018
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     Dawn Intake Form

TJ/RJ Where are we Now? July 16, 2018
Recording     &     Powerpoint

Vlogging  - You Can! June 18, 2018
Recording     &     Powerpoint

Co-Advocacy, May 21, 2018
Recording     &     Powerpoint
(we recommend having the powerpoint open when you view the webinar)

Serving Rural Survivors, April 16, 2018
Recording     &     Powerpoint

Collective Leadership, March 19, 2018
Recording     &     Notes     (no powerpoint for this session)
     DeafHope DAVC Workshop on Collective Leadership 2016
     National Victim Assistance Academy 
     DiSC Leadership Profile

December 2017 Conference "A New COMMUNITY: ACCOUNTABILITY, Transformation and Healing"

Police Training Curriculum, December 4, 2017
Recording     &     Powerpoint

Fundraising with your Heart, November 20, 2017
Recording    &    Powerpoint

Teen Dating Violence Curriculum, November 13, 2017
Recording    &    Powerpoint
Materials:       Curriculum Outline      Powerpoint for Students        Pre/Post Test

Financial Management, October 16, 2017
Recording    &    Powerpoint

DV Awareness Month Events, September 18, 2017
Recording    &    Powerpoint

DVSV Research in Deaf Communities, August 21, 2017
Recording     &     Powerpoint

Board Development, June 19, 2017
Recording  (no powerpoint this session)

Hosting a Facebook Live Outreach Event, June 5, 2017
Recording     &      Powerpoint

Community Accountability, May 15, 2017
Recording     &       Powerpoint

Self-Care for Advocates, December 15, 2016
Recording     &     Powerpoint

Gearing up for Proposal Season, October 20, 2016
Recording     &     Powerpoint

Survivor-Centered Advocacy, August 18, 2016
Recording     &     Powerpoint

Everything is Connected: Violence, Oppression and Us, June 16, 2016
Recording     &     Powerpoint     &     Transcript

What Can Deaf Action do for You? May 19, 2016
Recording     &     PowerPoint     &     Transcript
Needs Assessment Findings Memo

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